A great Christmas!

Just a quick update:
Spent the weekend having a family Christmas in Ottawa. (Seriously). My cousin, who lives in Yellowknife, was visiting and it was the first time we've all been together in years! It was an awesome weekend, mostly spent hibernating with the family.

I "stole" this picture from my aunt- we stopped at my Aunt Melissa & Uncle Colin's new apartment in Kingston- it's a 200 year old haunted building- in fact the starting point for ghost tours, which i will definitely be embarking on when i visit. We stopped by on our way home, and had dinner at one of the THREE pubs on the ground floor. Such a cozy place, dark wood and thick glass windows... it would be the perfect place for a pint in a snowstorm!!

Life has been crazy as expected with work. I have to admit I've been slacking on school. I actually have the whole weekend off (and nowhere to go!) so I will definitely be catching up before Annie and I visit Victoria in two weeks!

♥ Callah