I was actually not particularly excited about NYE this year, until I figured out my outfit just now. (Last NYE was at a house party on the Sydney Harbour... hence my lack of excitement!)

I've decided on my new boyfriend blazer, a black satin tank (New Zealand purchase that I just rediscovered, along with a bunch of jewelery!) and black leggings with my amazing Oxfords. I've got my Pink Bubbles chilling... New Years tradition :)

What are you wearing?

♥ Callah


sydney harbour things to do said...

Its time to start the new year eve celebration now, enjoy and have a great day...

Nice picture of yours..
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patience said...

what an odd comment above this one. i have all day to decide on an outfit...don't know yet

♥ Callah said...

I feel like above commentor googles blogs for Sydney references, and comments in attempts to sell cruises? Can't even spell Majestic properly...(in their profile!)