Pulse Perfection

As a mascara fiend (the one product where I am a slave to advertising and marketing), I was excited when the vibrating mascara by Maybelline came out months back. Thanks to Vero, who hooked me up so I could finally give it a test run. Well! After multiple attempts I finally seem to have got my technique right. I'm not sure why, but I was having major issues with clumping, and it taking forever to dry and getting all over my eyes- both with and without the vibrations. I had to physically separate the lashes, but the colour is really dark and it lasts a lot longer on me than a lot of mascaras- my face is not an ideal canvas, makeup just seems to slide right off.
This morning, I was telling my mom all of my trouble right before application- lo and behold, I finally got it right with no tweaking. I have to train myself not to zig zag when using the pulsation, and it finally separated them perfectly.

Pros: Darkest black, long lasting, good separation when technique perfected.
Cons: Can make a huge mess, clump easily, takes a long time to dry, smears really easily when wet (note to self: remove before hot yoga), not the most volumizing formula in the world.

Anyone want a $5 off coupon?

Next on the list to try: new Cover Girl (oops I had the wrong brand before!) formula with nylon! Ah, such a sucker.

♥ Callah