Perfect excuse?

Apparently Cleopatra's make-up was good for you. It may have fought off eye infections, but it took a month to make!
Hmmm... with this haircut, possible Halloween costume next year? via
♥ Callah


Veronicahhh said...

didnt they wear kohl on the eyes to prevent sun damage? and other mineral makeup on their faces for similar, beneficial reasons?
expand on this, ms makeup!

also- are you not on a plane yet?

♥ Callah said...

You are right on both counts. Th kohl, "similar to athletes today, helps to counteract and absorb glare from the suns blinding rays".

And no, no plane yet. Got delayed even more- I leave at 8:15 tonight. Apparently charter airlines don't have to compensate delays under 24hrs- this one is 23h25m. Cheap bastards lol!

patience said...

yes, definitly be cleopatra, too bad you didn't think of this fall!