New year... same resolutions

I don't really make "new years resolutions" per se. I like to think I'm always striving towards bettering myself, in whatever ways.
So, I'll share my general (NOT New Years!) resolutions:
-Move. Anywhere. We'll see if the Euro thing pans out. If not... Ottawa? Victoria?
-I'm doing a 30-day yoga challenge starting January 16. Yoga. Every day. 30 days.
-On that note... start varying up the workouts a bit... (after the challenge of course!)
-Learn how to ride a bike. I told myself I would last summer... oops.
-Remember to take my vitamins!
-Stop using drive-thrus. Waste of gas, pollutes the air, and whatever I'm buying certainly means I should get off my ass to go get it.
-give up my grudges. Waste of energy!
-Make a painting. Even if it's terrible. (Paish, wanna help?)

♥ Callah