A new love!

Well, no luck on the job but I'm not crushed like I thought I would be! I'm actually quite proud of myself for getting so far, as it's a pretty tough process. Oh well!

Anyways, totally fell in love with London/ England. I actually think it's my fave city I've ever been to. I'm realizing I not just need to live in a city, but a foreign city! It's where I'm happiest. I'm thinking I will definitely get a working visa at some point and head over there for a year or two. Now, the question is, can I wait 16 more months for my sisters wedding! I am maid of honour after all!

Anyways, didn't actually do too much else in London. I feel like I spent forever just traveling by train/tube! Getting delayed 5 hours on the way home wasn't too fun either. I did get to Greenwich to stand on the Prime Meridian and confirm the iPhone clock is very accurate, and check out the National Maritime Museum (with a Kiwi guy I asked to take my pic, and proceeded to chat with around the museum for 1/2 hour), and the Queen's house, which is an art gallery. On Wednesday I headed up to Lincoln to visit a guy I met whilst in Fiji. Lincoln has an amazing, nearly 1000 year old Cathedral- the gothic architecture was stunning. Also briefly saw a castle, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the night partying student-style.

Thursday was all travel again, thanks to delays. Enjoyed 241 Cocktails during happy hour- yum! Was also introduced to a hilarious British show called the In-Betweeners, hard to describe but it's about guys in high school (actually filmed at my friend's little brothers high school), very vulgar and crude but SO funny.

On another note- my stupidity, despite instructions, caused me to break my hair straightener so I splurged on a GHD today. Considering the last one was 5 years old before I broke it, I have high hopes for my (dual voltage!) GHD. I've used them on my hair both long and short, so I know it's an awesome investment. Yay!

For pics, friends head on over to facebook. Too many good ones to choose a few to post here. Loved the new Rebel XSi- served me well!

♥ Callah