I am applying to be a camp counselor at a Canadian/English immersion camp in Spain this summer. Paid flights to Europe- and you can stay as long as you want! Dangerous.

Kids, (as much as I may hate to admit it), say some hilarious things. Some I've heard in the past few weeks helping out with kids yoga:
(While colouring pictures, maybe 8 years old) "Joe, this grey crayon just isn't creating the illusion of a cliff face"
(2 year old, being shown a picture of "Ironing Board Pose"- hey, it's for kids!) "Is that a Mini Cooper?"

Seriously. It's actually cute. Which is good, considering I'm applying to work at a KIDS CAMP.

(See what I mean about the Spanish and yoga? It's my life. Maybe I should get on the actual Spanish learning and not just catching up with last semester, since it's through a different Uni- which thankfully, is done).
♥ Callah