Wallpaper is up!

Lovely surprise when I got home from a long day at work. (That's right- actual WORK! I'm temping this WHOLE week!)
Looks amazing. Can't wait to actually move in, which will involve a huge purge and re-organization process- DESPERATELY needed. (Unfortunately I'm insanely busy this week, between work, yoga and trying to stop slacking on school. Also taking a photography course at Henry's to learn about my DSLR!)
Paish- how do you store and/or display your necklaces? I'm accumulating and even with my neckland stand, it's becoming a jumbled mess.
Stay tuned for redo pics!
♥ Callah

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patience said...

ahhh, yes, lifelong issue. i'm waiting until i have my own place then jon will build me a long post to hang them all. for now i have two jewellery trees and i keep all my big stuff looped around in a hatbox