Yoga Extravaganza - it's day 21!

Haha Vero, I love your name for it. (I'm procrastinating studying as usual so I am replying to your request speedily :)

My yoga studio is hosting a 30-day challenge. I energy exchange (volunteering- cleaning, kids yoga... I actually work on behalf of my sister getting free yoga- Maid of Honour bonus points!) at Moksha Yoga Milton, which is a hot yoga series based off Bikram.
The idea is yoga once a day for 30 days... is you can't make it to class, then home practice is OK, or even another type of yoga that isn't Moksha. Last week I counted my Kids Yoga class, since I do it with the kids and it was actually a really good workout, I was sore the next day!

Some people are modifying it to "30 classes in 30 days", but I personally like the idea of yoga every day. I've actually felt pretty good, hit a wall on Days 11-12, but pushed through it :) I've become aware of all the changes since I started the Moksha regularly at the end of October- I can breathe deeper, stretch further... and I achieved my "secret" goal of having a teacher compliment me in class- on Camel pose no less, which I HATED when I started! Also feeling more "zen"- that is, not freaking out about stupid things like I am prone to.

(Opening week at the studio)image

The challenge will culminate in a special silent class for the participants, followed by a party. Excellent way to boycott V-Day!

Bringing my yoga mat to B.C., can't wait to participate in the Gift of Yoga!

♥ Callah