My Athabasca Spanish course. It's so bad that if I weren't made of stone, I would cry. I've reverted to using my old text (& the corresponding website) to teach me what this damn course can't. GAH.
Luckily, I have this portrait of me to brighten the evening.

♥ Callah


patience said...

what is athabascao spanish?

♥ Callah said...

Athabasca is a uni in Alberta that does distance education. Except it's not paced, they give you a "recommended timeline" but since I don't have any specific due dates I've been slacking so hardcore it's not even funny- it's horrible.
Steph tried to do an anatomy course with them and gave up. My aunt, however, must have amazing discipline because she's done quite a few courses towards an entire degree with them!

Haddock said...

Like that deawing