So sad they are discontinuing my RBC Starbucks Visa credit card. But it's almost made up for by the fact that they now have CHERRY BLOSSOM Starbucks cards! Oh, the things that make my day. (Hmm.. resemblance to my banner? It's like they made it just for me!)
Job update: boo, my availability might not work for the yoga reception job. But there is a good chance I'll make it off the waitlist and into Moksha teacher training this summer in Toronto, considering the glowing review my studio owners wrote to the Moksha founder! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!
♥ Callah


patience said...

how come you can't do the reception job?

patience said...

p.s. that starbucks card looks like paper cherry blossoms - its neat

♥ Callah said...

turns out there is a significant conflict between my hygiene hours and these hours. And obvi I have to (unfortunately) choose hygiene for financial reasons.