new toy :)

I've been coveting the Nike+ iPod adapter ever since i heard of it. However, owning 2 iPods already, it was a bit silly to buy a third one just for the running kit. I was super excited to see the Nike+ sportband!
I LOVE IT!! Tracks your pace, distance, and calories. Also doubles as a watch. And it plugs right into your computer to track the info online! Super cool. Perfect motivation to get me to my 10k in Ottawa next month! Better get my ass in gear too... since I'm currently at about 5k!

Oh, the downside to outdoor running? Someone sees me every time! (like the little girl I teach kids yoga to who saw my sister and, and said, "you were like this *imitates huffing and puffing*". Embarrassing haha! (and on that note... I just downloaded a song for my kids class this weekend, and promptly got it stuck in my head. the usual.)

♥ Callah


paish said...

have you ever listened to raffi's banana phone?

♥ Callah said...

not in a loooong time! why do you ask?!?

Veronicahhh said...

<3 Banana Phone, internet classic.

also: Marnie is responsible for telling me the best thing about running. She said: "Don't worry about how you look while running. No matter how you look, people are always jealous that you are running and they are not".

♥ Callah said...

Vero- i LOVE that. Some wise words from Marnie!!

paish said...

banana phone is the WORST to get stuck in your head

Anne-Marie said...

I am disappointed in you all for getting banana phone stuck in my head.