officially a kids yoga instructor!

Wow, I've been MIA... first week of my MONTH of glorious full-time temping. I also (FINALLY!) took my Kids Yoga training course so I am officially a Kids Yoga instructor :)
To top off a great (albeit expensive) morning shopping for new workout clothing (including a new run outfit to wear for my 10k!), i found... get this... (and Paish already knows because I was so excited I emailed her ASAP)...
BRUNETTE BATISTE! (dry shampoo). I've been waiting for this day (so long that I gave up). And at Winners of all places! I cleared the store out. (Meaning, I bought both displayed in the picture).
Off for a run to test out my new gear :)
♥ Callah


Katrina said...

Ooooh - show us your new workout gear!!

Victoria said...

What exactly is dry shampoo??

♥ Callah said...

Victoria- the greatest invention ever! Basically powder that sprays out of a can. You spray it on your roots between washes and it sucks up any oil. perfect for my fringe!! The powder is usually white so it takes lots of working it in/brushing it out, which is why this brunette discovery is BRILLIANT!

(although i don't think Canada has such a widely available selection- Sally Beauty has the original and Blush (which smells better) and Shoppers has the original. This find at Winners was a shocker!

paish said...

victoria how do you the make-up and product queen not know about dry shampoo? it's a saviour!