paradise circus

Does anyone still watch Gossip Girl? (I just love watching to see Serena's outfits -> dream world!)
Anyways, I was able to "soundhound" the song at the end of the episode(my new alternative to Shazam- i got it when I first got my phone last year, and it was progressively upgraded to be way better and also expensive- but it's pretty awesome, does lyrics and sometimes only takes a few seconds, rather than waiting to capture the full clip!) Ok, sidetracking done. Love this remix. Not my usual genre but I am feeling it. Perhaps in preparation for actually going out in Toronto this weekend, weird. It's been awhile since I've done that!

Also hitting up Toronto next week to watch the City Aftershow taping haha, They have giveaways, maybe I'll get something sweet.
♥ Callah