my 6 seconds of fame

(And thats 6 seconds in 3 separate clips lol! I just watched the S2E4 aftershow online to scope it out!)
The camera adds 10lbs, just throwing it out there!
Did you know their "martinis" are actually Vitamin water?
I also won a sweet sweet Aveda prize. (Well, my friend Jeff actually won it but felt bad for me. Nicest friend!!)
♥ Callah


Kaitlyn said...

i cannot believe you actually found yourself

p.s. how good was the dream on scene in glee this week?

Katrina said...

I love that you went through the tape to find yourself!

oh, and your synopsis of what happened on the finale of GG makes me REALLY want to start watching the show!

♥ Callah said...

haha! I had to check it out, Stephanie said she saw me. GG is definitely a good way to keep busy once your done this semester! There is a bit of a lull at th beginning of last season but it gets better again.

K- I didn't know you watched it! What about the Rachel's mom shocker?!

Anne-Marie said...


paish said...

that's funny i had magdalyn and marnie give me a synopsis of GG before watching it as well

paish said...

and oh ya, that was a good glee surprise. i'm mad at myself for not thinking it though because when i first saw that woman in the show, i imdb'd her because i thought she looked familiar and i even thought how much her and rachel looked alike!