She & Him

So, last night was the night!
Zooey Deschanel, in the flesh.

Cameras are NOT ALLOWED in the Sound Academy, so this was blurrily snapped via iPhone. Just a clue of how close we were to the stage (no zoom). We didn't even realize until we left and had to wade our way to the back of a looong room full of people!

Anyways, going in, I didn't know how much I would actually like the music. I honestly bought the ticket just to see Zooey. It was actually really good! Not my usual kind of music and I won't be able to listen to it all the time, but a nice quirky change! The openers, The Chapin sisters, had the same kind of sound and awesome voices. So all in all, a nice surprise!!

♥ Callah


Victoria said...

Is that a blonde Zooey?

♥ Callah said...

nope, just crazy stage lighting!!

Anonymous said...

show should have stayed at the other venue but was awesome. went because of HE came away loving SHE. opening act surprised me too. win/win night!

♥ Callah said...

yes, although the venue wasn't as bad as I feared after reading reviews online... we got there early enough to be decently close and in the center, and booked it out of there to avoid parking lot chaos!