in iPhone photos- Montreal

Long weekend in Montreal. I didn't really actually do much of anything in particular, except catch up with friends and eat out, a LOT, and do some yoga and window shopping. I promise I did stuff last time.

So, I also didn't bring my camera around with me and even forgot my iPhone on our 8km trek to Chinatown (where were ran into a Taiwanese celebration) and the Old Port. Here are a few random snaps I did get.

St Viateur bagels- I trekked across town for these, all because my sister wanted some real Montreal bagels. She better bring me back something nice from Mexico... buying Corona in Ontario doesn't really count.

This place seriously was COOL. Hard to describe but they had these long skinny spatulas that held a bunch of the bagels in the oven, and would pull the freshly baked bagels out and dump them into that pile you see in the back left. The smell in there was amazing.

My first macaron experience. Little disappointed at the lack of classy packaging. To be honest, they were just ok. The salted caramel was delish and the pistachio was pretty decent, but I wouldn't spend that much on them on a regular basis. And the other flavours, not at all.

The hill Katrina walks up for school every day. It's bigger than it looks, and the mountain was so pretty with all the changing leaves.

This photo magically appeared on my phone, no idea how i captured it.. but it's cool.

So, there you have it. A fabulously relaxing weekend away. Good times. Thanks for playing host, Katrina!

♥ Callah