blog love

why did you create the blog? it started with paish and gossip girl. i had just come home from my epic trip (and written an epic travel blog) and wanted to re-connect with friends. voila, a blog was born.

what kind of blogs do you follow? friends, yoga, fiction, with a sprinkling of fashion thrown in for good measure.

favorite makeup brand? right now i am digging the physician's formula organic line.

favorite clothing brand? i've given up on trying to be fashionable, so there is no one brand.. just bits and pieces that catch my eye.

your indispensable makeup product: black eyeliner.

your favorite colour: i'm not quite sure anymore. it used to be pink but i'm kind of over it. maybe green, the earth.

your perfume: i don't really do perfume anymore, but i love lavender oil. (i'm starting to sound like a hippie - maybe it's true!)

your favorite films: 500 days of summer, memoirs of a geisha, count of monte cristo, the harry potter series.

what country would you like to visit and why? japan, in a heartbeat. ever since i read memoirs of a geisha (and then seeing the film) i've had a mini-obsession with japanese culture. absolutely stunning.

make the last question and answer to yourself - currently reading? a zillion books, but more notably Bill Bryson's "At Home" and a signed copy of Tinkers that I found at the local Indigo. Also, Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind for my yoga book report. And Diet for a New America. I think thats all!

give the prize to 10 blogs: paish, a cat of impossible colour, angela see angela blog, rose coloured glasses, cherry blossom girl, closet full of nothing, smaggle style, ponymalta, ma vie privee, what claudia wore.

♥ Callah