in photos- Toronto

A few cool iPhone snaps from last Friday- headed to the city for a conference. It was a weird weekend- really foggy, like being in a horror film.

First snap... pulling into one of the train stations.

It cleared up while I was waiting to be picked up for dinner at Fresh, my fave. (I really need to branch out... anyone know any other awesome vegetarian/vegan restos in T.O.?)

By the time she picked me up... the fog was overtaking the city!!

Then I proceeded to take "the girls" out one last time... resulting in possibly the worst hangover of my life. Urgh. Some of the first words out of my mouth post-surg? "I feel drunk". Lol, apparently not uncommon. I'm feeling pretty dece now considering I had fat both cut and sucked out of my chest 4 days ago... weird to think that I've actually had lipo! Odd.

Recovery = lots of movies (including an HP marathon, Love Actually & The Holiday), jewelry making and some schoolwork, although mostly slacking on schoolwork thanks to my fuzzy brain, oops.

♥ Callah