new bedroom

so, not only am i a terrible blogger but a terrible room decorator, too. remember me moving into the big bedroom WAAAAAAAY back when? Yah, still haven't put anything on the walls or packed away that last bin of crap.

new years goals? get organized. i made big strides in cleaning and organizing my room (although still more to be done). I found this sweet set at urban outfitters. as much as i do not love their clothing, i dream of decorating my future home with their apartment stuff. 

i also love sales. polka dot ruffled duvet set and curtains? yes, please. (still not 100% if i'll hang the curtains... depends if it's ruffle overload).

i've also been drooling over this measuring cup set since i saw it in October, so i made it mine. And the house collection begins... now accepting donations!

hmm, maybe i'm more domestic than i thought.

♥ Callah