Like Paish, I'm drawn to artists from overseas. Robyn, Florence & the Machine, Temper Trap, Mumford & Sons, Sol Seppy... to name a few!

Silly me, I didn't check out the artists I hadn't heard of that Paish wrote about, but after reading an article about Adele and then having some Scottish friends tell me i HAD to hear her new single (below) I decided it was time to check it out. I always find that the name of a musician will come up over and over, and when I finally check them out, it's instant love. So it was with Adele. (And reading the post again now, I'm off to check out Kate Nash next since she's been suggested to me a few times!)

Another one of my faves off "21".

The best part? Adele's Toronto show has just been moved to the ACC due to demand- I'm SO stalking ticketmaster Saturday afternoon! (Too bad it won't be as intimate, but I feel like I won't be disappointed like I was with Florence!)

♥ Callah
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