breathe me

Here's another overseas artist I'm newly in love with - Sia. (although this song is actually quite old - and I think my aunt and uncle have long been fans if i'm not mistaken?).

Straight from Aus... no wonder I love her.

♥ Callah

p.s. have you heard of grooveshark? You can search for music and create playlists- great way to decide if you want to buy a cd on itunes or not. (careful though, it eats bandwidth!)


patience said...

this song is on my iPhone... I don't know why or where it came from. I probably shazzamed it and then downloaded it.

I wonder where I heard it though...

♥ Callah said...

i soundhounded it once, forgot about it, heard it on the radio station at my yoga studio and had the flashback- now i won't forget! i'm sad the cd is old and not on iTunes. i need to hit up HMV in the t.dot this weekend