Gouda in Edam

Ok, where did I leave off? Night two. I met up with Anna, the korean roommate, back at the hostel because she wanted to see the red light district but was shy and immature and did not want to go by herself! It was kind of embarrassing, lol- she was pointing and giggling and asking me so many questions I didnt have the answers to! I can't really tell you how a prostitute feels standing in a window, you know, seeing as I've never been one.

Anyways she was happy I had been her escort (haha, pun intended) so she could see the "real" Amsterdam before she left. Too bad, I think that is missing out on such a huge part of it!

Yesterday I pilfered another cheese sandwich (I will never want one again by the time I get home... Brekkie and lunch 3 days in a row, I'm in a different hostel tonight but I assume it will be similar here as well) and set out for the waterland region... A bunch of cute little fishing villages north of Amsterdam. It was such a cuteness overload I almost couldn't handle it, lol! I visited Marken, took a ferry to Volendam, and finished in Edam. I sampled a few cheeses and then didn't figure out til too late I didnt even try Edam cheese there... I had Gouda lol! Edam had this super cool little museum which is actually a preserved old townhouse complete with the steepest, narrowest staircases ever and a floating cellar... Safe to say bumped my head a few times. I napped and read and listened to my iPod in a cute little park and perhaps burned my shoulders a tiny bit (jealous?!).

I had considered another museum open late but I couldn't bear that thought, museum burnout after Tuesday! I ate some takeaway in Dam Sq and listened to a busker, and later on had a beer people watching at a sidewalk table... I am now officially ok eating and drinking by myself without even a book as a distraction. It's like that sex and the city episode.
Today I had to switch hostels, so now I am in the heart of the medieval district with all the shops... And on late shopping night too :) I did a quick whirl through the historisch museum, wandered way across the city to see the De Grooier windmill and have my picnic (you guessed it, stolen cheese sandwich and apple) on a canal bank and then found my way to the hermitage, which was an excellent albeit smallish museum in the exhibit sense. I hit up the shops and it's safe to say my spring/summer wardrobe is considerably improved. Another early night for me I think as I have not been sleeping too well. I have all morning and afternoon here tomorrow and then it will be off to The Hague to spend Easter with my friend Jacky that was my very first roommate in Wellington, NZ (and incidentally thought I was a bitch the first time we met because I was brushing my hair... When it was looong and painful to brush! Good thing we got past that, hah!).
♥ Callah

P.S. if anyone is actually reading this comment and let me know if i should continue blogging while I'm away!