A well known fact thanks to fb but this is definitely post worthy.
I've been debating-slash-drooling over the condos in Milton for a loooong time. Like a few years long time. On Saturday I reached a tipping point and went back to the sales office to see what was left, thinking it would only be the most expensive units. Lo and behold it was actually the opposite, and mainly the cheapest units were left. (All ground level- the higher up, the more expensive). After a discussion with the parentals I went back as soon as they opened on Sunday (Their last day open before the holidays) and got my pre-approval to reserve a unit! Highlights include having my credit checked and being told I have the credit rating of a 70 year old (in the really good, no 26 year old has that kind of score way) and getting to place the 'SOLD' sticker on my unit on the big map! It's a terrible photo of me but oh well!

Essex 109 - you are mine!

My layout - tiny, but who cares!

Since my unit is ground level I chose a slightly smaller model that will face the road/park rather than right into the parking lot. I'll likely have a walk-out from the patio if the grading permits, which is apparently looking decent. 

So, I am currently pondering over upgrades. I'm thinking all the way- dark cabinets, stainless steel appliances, ceramic floors and eschewing the carpet to install hardwood. Go big or go home, right? I have lots and lots of time to ponder this as it'll likely be a year plus before occupancy and 5-6 months before it's time to choose the upgrades. A year will fly by when I am scrimping and scrounging my money, right?!

♥ Callah