Digging Whitney Port's oversized headband

Whitney's Winter Gear
Whitney's Winter Gear

Whitney was spotted in this unique piece of head gear in Ep. 5 of The City- the kick-ass new spinoff from The Hills. My sister and I kept quiet as our friends bashed the look, then bravely announced that we actually kind of LIKED it, and have now coerced our mom into knitting us our very own version.

It's from Anthropologie, however I'm unable to find it on the website.

While searching for this pic, I discovered Whitney's very own official web page and blog.

♥ Callah


Anonymous said...

the headband isnt from anthropology, its from barneys

craftywife said...

They sell them at Antro


jonas said...

Really, very beautiful scarf, perhaps should be Whitney more beautiful now, I also want to have such a beautiful scarf, in the hope that it can be more foil out of my beauty! Thank you!

mary lisa said...

I am very happy to find a beautiful headband ,it is very nice!!!!!!