Hair U Wear

I was always kind of a bit skeptical of clip-in hair extensions, (ESPECIALLY the synthetic ones) but when my chin length hair start growing into the awkward stage, I as more than ready to give it a shot. Luckily, I “know people” so i was given the good advice from a stylist mate that with extensions, you shouldn’t (I’m going to go ahead and make that a CAN’T) go more than twice the length of your actual current hair length.

(Case in point: I saw a girl today with hair my length on top, and looong extensions. It looked ratty and mullet like. Do NOT go there, no matter how much you crave long tresses as a short-haired girl.) So, for me, chin length x 2 is a shoulder length style. I headed to a beauty supplier and chose my poison: 15″ wavy in Midnight Brown from the Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson HairDO line.

Since my hair actually wasn’t midnight brown at the time, I was glad that they had a stylist working there (ok, albeit a rude one) who helped me choose the appropriate shade based on my colourant.

Anyways, the first time I tried it in I was so disappointed, first off the colour difference was a few shades and it looked so silly! My hair had also been flicked out, and as much as I tried to style down flat the short top layer, it wasn’t hiding the “weft” as it’s termed. But, I perserved, and now with the colour matching my real hair, that I fooled a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time, she thought it was my natural hair!

They work by pinning up your lower section of hair, and stretching the piece, which has the shape of the lower half of a scalp, to the sides and bottom of your head and securing it with easy-to-use clips. It really does only take 5 mins (or less), and since you pin up your hair, you can go from long to sort styles as well!

So, I would definitely say go for these. See if you can get them from any beauty suppliers open to the public, as the cost is pretty astronomical for something you can’t use anymore once you change your hair colour. Also be sure to pick up a synthetic hair condition and a pick (next on my list!). I’m definitely going to buy the 10″ straight when I get a a paycheque!

♥ Callah