Step II.

Some pics of new accessories for my new (old) room.

This is a Vietnamese silk lantern purchased in Hoi An, Vietnam. An amazing bargain!

My cherry blossom wall decals.

Old frames- I'm looking for new pics to update them.

My newly pink (Big Tease- Debbie Travis) wall and curtains: Ikea.

My cherry blossom bedside lamp and funky alarm clock. I haven't figured out how to make it work... it's more for show. Both: Ikea.

The light.

My jewellery tree and wine-glass earring holder which I came up with.

The jewellery tree: Urban Outfitters. Jewellery: Mostly random markets in Asia.

Wine glass: Ikea. Earrings: Australia (Diva), some handmade, others: various.

A few more to come... and soon, the final outcome! (Once I've cleared out all the old junk!)

♥ Callah