Toronto Fashion Week

Just sharing a few pics from the Flare website from Toronto Fashion Week recently. There were a lot of looks from graduating Ryerson students and Project Runway "alumni".

Lucian Matis, Fall 09.
This is so cute- could be very wearable without the antler accessory!

Evan Biddel, Fall 09
A PW winner.

Carlie Wong, Fall 09
Apparently one of the models for this designer fell out of her shoes and went barefoot. Oops!

A look by Kat Marks
This was a Superwoman-inspired look by a Ryerson grad.

♥ Callah


isavirtue said...

oh dear...what happened to biddel's sweet style?

Veronicahhh said...

i like antler accessories.
i dont like biddel, but im psyched about carlie wong!