Benefit Reviews!

So recently Kait and I had both accumulated tons of Optimum points and splurged at Shoppers. I got:
*2x Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliners
and all this benefit stuff...
*"Get Even" face powder (shade 02)
*Silky-Finish Lipstick: Jing a Ling
*Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow: Gossip
*Posie Tint
*Bad Gal (Blue) Mascara
*... and some SPF for good measure.

The verdict:
Rimmel eyeliner, LOVE. The turquoise shade rocks but the purple is a bit light. Maybe on a blonde?
Face Powder: this one's actually a big negatory. In the store the shade looked fine, but in real life it makes me look kind of washed out. (I'm more olive, but this seems to work better for warm tones... kind of a big waste of money!!)
Lipstick: amazing. I'm kind of over gloss now, rendering my huge collection obsolete... including all the pinks. This is nice and soft, without overdoing it, and goes on great.
Posie Tint: FAB. Great as a blusher, nice rosy cheeks without being too in your face!
Eyeshadow: Love. Powders always settle but this really lasts, and you can layer for a stronger colour. (Beware: i've got an older one and it does dry up and do on less smoothly!)
Mascara: Another love. The big brush really does seem to do the trick and it doesn't get all over my lids (like Rimmel). Tried the plum in store, and bought the blue, but on my dark lashes its hard to really tell. Stick with black.
Lol and SPF! Love Hawaiian Tropic... smells sooo delish!
All in all, only one big miss. Love free stuff!!!
♥ Callah


Victoria said...

I agree with the Bad Gal mascara! I have it in black and the wand is much larger than what I'm used to, but it goes on clean, so that's a big plus. I've been wanting to try Posie Tint forever..maybe that will be my next purchase ;-)

I also recommend That Gal primer...it's lovely. I'll do a review on it soon!

Veronicahhh said...

dear callah
email me your address,and i will send you a present.