Twenties Girl

Seeing as I strongly dislike the shopaholic series (I mean, seriously, just STOP SHOPPING), I wasn't sure if I would like Sophie Kinsella's new book, Twenties Girl. However, seeing as it was a totally different kind of story (not to mention my sister brought it home on the day it was released) I figured I'd give it a go.
Twenties Girl is actually a ghost story. Lara's life sucks (not to go into too much detail like the book cover!) and after her great-aunt Sadie dies, she starts seeing her ghost- as she was in the twenties. This was actually an excellent read, I couldn't put it down because it kept you guessing the whole time. (Also probably something to do with procrastinating some history reading!) While it does have a love story plot line, it's really not the main focus. It's also cool hearing all the descriptions about the twenties.
Verdict: Definite recommendation.
♥ Callah