As spotted on Style Quotient, I am coveting these Rachel Comey for UO oxfords. They are on sale online right now... should I make the splurge? Could I pull them off with grey dress pants for my interview in January?


♥ Callah


MISSTIK said...

Do you really like these? I didn't think they were your style.... Are they the in thing or is this just your own personal style that you really are drooling over? I'm not sure I really like them but they do look rather practical. Nice heel and even I could probably wear this style because of the lace up effect. .... seeing how I always seem to have one foot slightly swollen... If you get them ENJOY!!

Shawna said...

kind of both. And I do need shoes with an actual wearable heel...!

Veronicahhh said...

DO IT. i love the canvas, and they woven accent+laces.
dooooo it

♥ Callah said...

Oh no! Apparently shipping to Canada is FIFTY dollars... nearly as much as the shoes! I'll have to check if they are in the stores!