It's time.

The red cup comes out tomorrow, along with the holiday lattes - gingerbread, eggnog and peppermint mocha (my fave!). I'll have to go for one last pumpkin latte which is presumably on the way out (when the syrup runs out, anyways!)

Also, splurged on my first pair of full-length lulu's (only own capris!) seeing as I now work at a yoga studio. The things that excite me.

♥ Callah


Veronicahhh said...

i lovvvvve peppermint mochas, too!

patience said...

that's sooo funny that you posted about this, because a girl at work today was just saying how much she loved the pumpkin drink at starbucks and that she was sad it would likely be leaving soon because the christmas stuff is coming in.

MISSTIK said...

... Callah, let me know when you want to go for a latte.... My treat!!!

Shawna said...

Can't say no to that, mom! Next week sometime!