a - age: 24
b - bed size: queen
c - chore you hate: sweeping
d - dog’s name: hahaha - Kaitlyn said it perfectly.
e - essential start your day item: an extra 5 minutes sleep
f - favorite colors: (dark) pink
g - gold or silver: silver, white gold. yellow gold is hideous!
h - height: 5'5
i - instruments you play: guitar hero
j - job title: dental hygienist, student..
k - kids: negatory.
l - living arrangements: 'rents
m - mother’s name: Michelle
n - nicknames: J, Shoon, sho-dawg (to one person lol), Shaw-go (terrible!)
o - overnight hospital stay other than birth: nope
p - pet peeve: people who drag their feet, people who walk slow,
q - quote from a movie: apparently I don't memorize movie quotes. Or, even though I hate the movie, it's very true... "Can you bring me my chapstick?... my lips hurt real bad!" lol terrible.
r - right or left handed: right.
s - siblings: one of each, both older
t - time you wake up: as late as possible.
u - underwear: lacy
v - vegetable you dislike: raw onions
w - workout style: hot yoga, gym (but not lately, need to vary it up it a bit!)
x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth, knee, somewhere around my chest after a car accident. MRIs don't count do they? (knee)
y - yesterday’s best moment: my grandpa's dinner. Coleslaw and stuffing... yummm
z - zoo favorite: snow leopard

♥ Callah