Apparently I'm not smart enough to take a jacuzzi bath.
(It's usable, although not completely finished, i.e. no shower curtains) I thought I'd give it a whirl before heading to London tomorrow. Poured in a couple capfuls of bubble bath- same thing I've been doing since I was a kid.
After about one minute, I had to call my mom into the bathroom to turn off the jets- the switch is on the wall. The bubbles were foaming madly and ready to pour over the side. It was like a movie... a bad one! The hilarity was photographed but I'm not sure if bubble bath pic is too "scandalous"!

Going to be MIA for the next week, I'll see if it's possible to post a few photos while I'm experiencing the UK's worst cold snap in 30 years. Seriously. I thought it was going to be WARM (i.e. 0C)!
P.S. I'm totally visiting Platform 9 3/4.
♥ Callah