Oh hey, just noticed I'm over the 300-post mark. Coolio.
Thought I'd revisit my resolutions:
-Move. Anywhere. We'll see if the Euro thing pans out. If not... Ottawa? Victoria?
Nope. I've looked into what it would take to transfer my credentials to the UK though, very real possibility after my sisters wedding!
-I'm doing a 30-day yoga challenge starting January 16. Yoga. Every day. 30 days.
-On that note... start varying up the workouts a bit... (after the challenge of course!) Semi-done. (Early days yet.) Did a pole-burn class today, which is a workout incorporating pole dance poles. Got a compliment from one of the ladies in class - "You two (my sister) didn't even look like it was hard!" Little does she know.
-Learn how to ride a bike. I told myself I would last summer... oops. Nope. Waiting for nicer weather for outdoor activities!
-Remember to take my vitamins! Well, for about the first two weeks when I was getting over a mega cold right when I went to London.
-Stop using drive-thrus. Waste of gas, pollutes the air, and whatever I'm buying certainly means I should get off my ass to go get it. YES! I love this resolution. It also has been a good way to curb impulse Starbucks trips.
-give up my grudges. Waste of energy! Yup, pretty good!
-Make a painting. Even if it's terrible. (Paish, wanna help?) Nope. Need to be able to afford some supplies first haha!

♥ Callah