Family Day

Yesterday was a family day - a holiday I wish I could laugh at you B.C.ers for not getting, but in reality it was no holiday for me! Helped out with kids yoga again and it was the busiest yet. Cookies and tangerines helped lol!

Whoever designed the 2010 mascots is a winner in my book. Seriously the cutest freakin things ever. Although I don't fully understand why a fur-covered sasquatch needs earmuffs, but oh well.
Another gold, this time I was actually WATCHING, woot!
And now Spanish crunch time (aka stop-slacking time).. perhaps back to being a bag blogger. Oh well, I'll be seeing my B.C. readers in the flesh soon! I've been super-boring lately.
♥ Callah


Anne-Marie said...

Two words that make not having a Family Day worth it: cold and snow.

♥ Callah said...

-2 doesn't feel cold to me, and snow is negligible- like, it might sprinkle but nothing sticks. Not like i had it anyways, but I got 2L of wine that wasn't consumed at the party- payment enough for me haha!

patience said...

i didn't even notice we didn't have a family day till anne marie told me. although if i plan to work in galleries in the future, i'm prepare to never have it off. it's one of those days where families take their kids to a gallery or museum.