O Canada!

I am seriously having like, the best day ever. Last night we wandered amongst the insane crowds literally right outside our hostel (all the streets and closed), and hit up a pub for some drinking (finally!)
Although tired this morning, the Bronze Medal men's game sure woke me up... even though our country wasn't in it, it was an amazing game between the Swiss & the Swedes (or, Ikea vs. Sigg). Highlights including someone shouting "Riiicooola" and the wave. Swiss made a comeback in the last end, winning 5-4 (i think!)
Took the bus to Granville Island, and when we transferred found ourselves right outside the Lululemon Lab- they create/sell new designs there. Made a sweet new purchase (more details to come!) and found the Hockey Helmut toques were on sale - only $10!!- to celebrate our Women's gold, and to wear during the Men's! (Or on the airplane lol!)
Granville was awesome- loved looking through the kids shops and found tons of Olympic merch without the lineup of the Bay- finished souvenier shopping wandered through cool stalls downtown, and had a sushi dinner. Not to mention, our winning streak continues! Tied for record of most Gold Medals at the Winter Olympics ever, and we've got the hockey game tomorrow! (Sure everyone is aware... but I am seriously so excited it's crazy). Unfortunately didn't get to actually see us WIN the curling thanks to people having commandeered the TV to watch exhibition figure skating (cause seriously, who cares?)
Anyways! Last night tonight, crazy long travel day tomorrow but so excited to head out and celebrate!