Van city update

So, day 3 (already!) of being here at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! Not gonna post any pics yet, since I've been keeping the facebook pretty (ok, VERY) updated!
On Tuesday, wandered around and queued up for the viewing platform to see the Olympic Torch/ Cauldron. Was worth the wait as otherwise you're stuck behind a fence which sucks for photo ops!

That night, headed to the Victory Ceremony where we saw Ashleigh Mciver given her gold for Ladies Skicross. Talk about amazing atmosphere, the crowd went crazy and I loved everyone singing "O Canada" as our flag went up!

Yesterday, hit up Lulu to pick up the "Gift of Yoga" passes (and buy a new top, delayed reward for the 30-day challenge!). Went to a flow class yesterday and did power yoga today (which was INSANE, btw), I'm loving changing it up from my regular Moksha series!! Trying things and pushing myself in new ways!

In the late afternoon, began the long process of seeing an event. Seabus to Lonsdale Quay, Olympic bus to Cypress, 1.5-2 km walk to the venue. Foggy at first but it did clear up somewhat by the final round. Saw some amazingly crazy jumps... and falls! So much respect for the athletes! Luckily the rain held off until we were walking back to the bus. My crappy boots basically had puddles inside them by the end of the night! Then lined up at 11pm for the Olympic Superstore, where I bought some small things. I seriously nearly die of cuteness overload when I see the mascots.

Today, chilled out and watched the events on TV- Irish pub for the hockey, got completely decked out. (Watch for a What She Wore- Olympic edition lol!) So excited both Mens & Womens teams headed for gold in curling. I'll be watching Sweden battle the Swiss for bronze on Saturday morning. Have to mention how amazing our Figure Skating bronze was- congrats to Joannie for sure.

Tomorrow: hot yoga followed by JAPADOG! For realsies. Oh, and lots more event watching, and maybe even a little homework. Maybe is the key word.

♥ Callah