bad blogger

When did I become such a bad blogger?
Hmm, looks like real life is kicking in! Loving the new job. 30 hours this week which isn't quite full time but sure feels like it when I was lucky to average about 16 before (sometimes even ZERO!)
Busy, busy. I've got about a gazillion books on the go, including Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl- (yup, never read it!) and The Price: My Rise and Fall as New York's #1 Escort- written by one of the very awesome girls in my yoga training last month. (And yes, it's a true story!). Awesome read, look out for a used copy on amazon. Also lots of vegan cookbooks... thinking about going there sometime.
Been busy with the yoga projects- currently practice teaching, going on a "yoga safari" (trying out different types besides my usual) and embarking on another 30-day challenge starting today. I'm taking another Uni course in the fall- slowly chipping away at the degree, so I want to get as many projects out of the way as I can so I'll have time for that. Here's a pic to make this post less boring.

That was yoga-on-the-beach. Note the CN tower in the background. Gorgeous.

So yup, my life in a nutshell. Work, reading, and yoga.
Hope everyone is awesome. I'm not the only slacking blogger, get on it and update me with your life stories!!
♥ Callah