a musical month

Actually, it was a fairly NON-musical month since I only drove a handful of times. Driving is my prime music-listening time. I really need speakers for my iPod! When the paycheques start rolling in, for sure.

Anyways, what was musical? CONCERTS GALORE! By galore, I mean two. I'd say that's a lot in one month haha!

First up, Lilith Fair.
Tara Maclean is married to one of the co-founders. The other co-founder and her sister were back-up vocals. Amazing!

We also saw Chantal Kreviazuk, Lights, Mary J Blidge and Sarah Maclachlan. Talk about incredible. It was a great night, despite beoing poured on half the day and staying up way past our bedtimes (i.e. midnight sleepytime and 5:30 wake-up for a 14 hour day!)

This past Friday, back to Molson Amphitheatre (this time in SEATS!) to see Robyn & Keane at the Disco Lemonade festival. We started here:

And with a little luck and a smile, ended up here:

Brilliant! Yes, no zoom, we were pretty well front row on the floor. I've loved Robyn since her first disc in 1990, and discovered Keane on my travels. I listened to both these artists a lot while backpacking so it was a nostalgic, amazing concert.  (my fave Keane song - the video's a bit odd though!)

Next up? Florence & the Machine, November 3rd! Just got the disc on iTunes and it's amazing.

♥ Callah