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Tonight I backed away from the internet in order to clean my room a bit before a friend stays over tomorrow night.
I found a box full of stuff from high school, including these gems.

I was campaign manager for Paish's run for... ? Student rep or something. Back in the day, she was known as "Kadi". (That's right, the specific D sound, not a T!).
This is pure brilliance. If only we had kept one of the real posters, designed like the mac and cheese boxes.

Note the copyright. Don't steal this amazing design! Also note the incredible likeness. The blue hair is just so natural.

And, for Anne-Marie! This image graced the cover of our "NASA" brochures. The New Annie-Shawna Alliance, that is. Our very own political party in Civics, circa 2000-01.

Can you believe I thought I was fat then? (Well, probably, it was high school). If only I knew what I'd look like by grade 12 after working at A&W!

Posting these were so worth breaking my internet hiatus about 1 hour into it.

♥ Callah


Anne-Marie said...

Oh wow. This photo is classic. I have a copy kicking around somewhere too. I SOO wish one of us had one of the actual NASA brochure. It's entirely possible that I do, but I have NO idea where it is!

Thanks for posting this! <3

paish said...

i have NOT laughed so hard in SO long. seriously. "note the incredible likeness. the blue hair is just so natural." it's so you to copyright that though! lolol. my aunt will be pleased, she says you don't post enough but she'll enjoy the throwback to my highschool years. hopefully she won't mention it to my dad though. he only pretty much JUST stopped saying "the year of KaDi." i don't why he used to say that but he started when we made these posters and i ran for student rep in grade ten. i wish i had kept the posters lori iantorno made for me with the charicature - they were so good. and seriously, so was the slogan - friggin awesome really.

you two look ridiculous. and really thin. highschool makes your head wonky.