what she wore- sister's bday dinner edition

So, a loooong time ago I blogged about this covet. Finally, it actually went on SALE! Woot.

Also, I got a haircut (finally... it happens about 2x yearly!) Of course she cut off more than I wanted but what can you do? (besides not get your hair cut again for another 6 months?)

I'm incapable in smiling for mirror selfies, sorry!

Dress: american apparel
leggings: mossimo  target
heels: payless
lipstick: gaga by MAC

good news... breast reduction in 7 weeks! yay!!

♥ Callah


Katrina said...

wow - fierce photo Shawna - you look gorgeous!!
Pretty excited to see you in a few short weeks!!!

paish said...

i'm pretty sure that's the hottest picture i have ever seen of you.