Holland FTW

So, my DDS (dentist, in normal-people lingo) is closing the office for a week in April. I decided to go to Europe and make the most of not being tied down to a mortgage (yet!).

Sweden, Spain, Greece... where to go? It didn't come to me until it came to me (it seems like a pretty obvious statement, but maybe you know what I mean)... Holland! My very first roommate in Wellington, NZ is Dutch and whenever we chat, a few times a year, she always asks when I am coming to visit. I messaged her and said, now! 

Check out an amazing Holland photo album here - random set I found on Flickr.

Booking flights is like playing the stock market. When I first checked a few weeks ago, the price was reasonable enough. I decided to wait until payday... and then it went up $300! I searched earlier tonight but got distracted and didn't see the results until just now. They were dirt cheap. But of course, refresh... they went up about another $300 from earlier in the evening, but still cheaper than the original, reasonable price! So I jumped on it and booked my flights. I leave on April 17th, in the evening... so as soon as Paish's wedding festivities are all said and done, I'm leaving on a jetplane (except I know when I'll be back again).

On the list:
- people watching in cafes (no, I won't be smoking up!) along the canals
- visiting my friend in the Hague
- cheating on my veganism in Edam and Gouda
... and lots more to figure out. If you've been there, leave some suggestions!


♥ Callah