all things swedish

one of the places i was strongly considering before i decided on the Netherlands was Sweden. Why? seems like there is a swedish theme going on with my interests right now.

Stieg Larsson's Millenium trilogy- the girl with the dragon tattoo starts off a bit slow but once the story picks up, it just (mostly) keeps on going through the whole series. According to my kobo i'm 78% complete the 3rd book. Apparently his wife is considering finishing the fourth novel that was nearly complete when Stieg died. I've also watched 2/3 of the foreign, subtitled films. 

Robyn. i love this girl. getting right up front to the stage in the summer was pretty much the coolest experience. This picture is obvi from before we got bumped up.

ikea. I think this one goes with the need for an explanation or pictures. Remember my new duvet? the insert is from Ikea, lol. Driven to while listening to Robyn.

H&M... new jeans and legwarmers... perfect for to & from the studio in chilly weather! 

So, Sweden has been added to the list of places to visit.

♥ Callah