Sometime more than a year ago I bought fake lashes. I never wore them, and finally tried them on last weekend. they looked terrible! I have near non-existant eyelids when my eyes are open, and the lash line was way too dark. My sister had the answer: quo brand lashes. They have a pretty good selection, from the shortest & most natural looking(this pair) to blingy for a night clubbing (well, I assume that's where you'd wear them!)



I wore them at a stag & doe last weekend, and all of my friends I mentioned my fake lashes to (said they) couldn't even tell. They aren't too odd to wear (although you can feel them when you blink!) but the key, according to my sister, is to have a backup eyeliner (or the glue) in your purse in case they come off at the end of a long night out. My mark. waterproof liner/ mascara hook-up combo is perfect.

I find applying a liquid liner (or fine pencil line if that's all you have) before applying the lashes helps the look. Which means learning how to apply liquid liner for me, lol! Removing the glue after each use can extend the life, but the package indicates about 3 weeks of use max - so you'll get at least a few wears out of them, and they don't break the bank at about $6.99 per pair (although I got mine on sale!).
I recommend these for sure, I'm a convert!

(Find out how to apply them here)

♥ Callah