what she wore - batwing

It's back to the bathroom mirror GPOYs- the kitchen is under reno and the whole house is pretty much a dusty disaster zone.

(do you see the random kettle hiding in the corner? That's what happens when there is no kitchen sink.)

batwing top - Costa Blanca
tank - h&m
leggings - lululemon
necklace - tiffany 
Not pictured- my cognac faux-leather jacket and black peep-toe Steve Madden pumps which I'm breaking in to walk down Paish's aisle!
♥ Callah


Anne-Marie said...

I really like that colour on you.

patience said...

good make up up, great hair!

Katrina said...

LOVE the top Shawna - looks amazing on you!!

Kait said...

oh gosh this just makes me miss costa blanca even more! They recently left our local mall. The closest one is 1hr away. Normally that wouldn't be such a long trip, but working in a mall going to another one is the last thing I want to spend my day off doing!

seriously though, I just adore that shirt! Looks great on you!